Bite-size bible talks

We are delivering a series of Zoom talks on

Sundays at 6.30p.m throughout September, October and November, the theme is

'Examples of faith in the Bible'.

Examples of faith in the Bible's first five books


September 13

September 20

September 27

October 4

October 11

October 18

October 25

November 1

November 8

November 15

November 22

November 29


Are you Abel? (Genesis 4)

Walk with Enoch (Genesis 5)

Look through the eyes of Lot (Genesis 13)

Isaac - man in the middle (Genesis 21)

Joseph – from pit to palace (Genesis 37)

Moses – from riches to reproach (Exodus 2)

‘Let my people go’ (Exodus 5:1)

‘The blood of the lamb’ (Exodus 12:13)

Complaining is counterproductive (Exodus 14)

The tent that can teach us (Exodus 26)

Joshua & Caleb ‘An exceedingly good land' (Numbers 14)

‘Man does not live by bread alone' (Deuteronomy 8:3)

Weekly on Sundays at 6:30PM

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