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Bible Teachings in brief

The Bible is the word of God and the basis for christian beliefs. 
Our aim is to live by faith in Jesus Christ.

  •   God is the all powerful, all knowing, all seeing Creator of the universe  (Isa 40 v 28)

  •   Jesus Christ is His son  (Mark 1 v 1)

  •   Belief and baptism into Jesus’ saving name are the foundation of a christian life  (Mark 16 v 16)

  •   Jesus Christ will return to this earth  (Acts 1 v 11)

  •   “Your kingdom come” as in the Lord’s prayer, will then be a reality on the earth  (Matt 6 v 10)

  •   Promises made by God will be fulfilled in this kingdom  (Luke 1 v 32, 33)

  •   Jesus will govern the nations of the world with authority and righteousness  (Acts 17 v 30-33)

  •   Death for those who have accepted the gospel is only a sleep interrupted by resurrection when Jesus returns, followed by a judgement and eternity for the faithful  (John 5 v 28-29)

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